Neem Kawach 500ML

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 Neem Kawach is natural product. It increases Growth & Development Of Plants and Induces Resistance preventing damages by insects and diseases. It helps to resist environmental stress for better growth of plants                                              
USE                                                                                                                                                                                It Can be used in agricultural fields, household gardens, pest infected plants and trees. it is sutaible for all kinds of flowers, fruits and vegetables
Benefits Neem Kawach
1. Enriched with essential oils.
2. 100% odourless and non-toxic
3. Enriched with neem
4. More greenery and colourful garden
5. Chemical free Organic Manure hence chemical free flowers & garden.
6. Boost the plant growth and yield
7. Bio-degradable and Non-Harmful
8. Natures Perfect food
9. Revitalizes Tired garden soil.
10. Prevent demak damage in gardens
11. Lower Compared to chemical fertilizers.
1.Ready to use Sparay (No Dilution require)
2. Use in very 10-15 days depending upon the requirement.
3. After spraying, if rain comes, then again apply the product.
4. Good mixing is required before application.
5. Avoid storage of spray mixtures. Mix a fresh for every application.
6. Sprays during early morning or evening hourse are preferable.
7. Do not applt in direct sunlight.

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