Neem Kawach (Organic Manure and pest repellant) 1Kg

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 Neem Cake is the residue obtainedfrom neem seed kernels which have been crushed to extract the oil. It is an excellent organic fertilizer with N-P-K content. Neem cake has been known to enrich the soil and protect the plant due to its natural pesticide content. idesl for use in kitchen garden and house plants.
Benefits Neem Kawach
1. Rich Source of NPK Nutrients.
2. Controls Nematodes and Plant Pathaogens.
3 Enchances effciency of nitrogen releasing fertilizer.
4. 100% Natural & Organic Manure Mixture
5. Completely biodegradable hence it is safer than other synthetic fertilizer.
6. Improves as well as maintains the quality of the soil.
7. Helps in slow release of  nitrogen to the plant for a long period.
8. Increases plant's resistance power from pet and insects.
9. Helps in strong growth of roots, stem matured flowering and fruiting.
10. If used from beginning, improves the quality of the plant and gives more output.
11. More effective than farm yard manure and cow dung because of natural nutrient.

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